StormCloud: First Frost #2 wrap review

Blend: 50% Supima cotton, 45% tussah silk and 5% viscose

Pattern: Snakeskin crackle

Size 5 long (4.52m) + fringed ends (0.10 m in both ends), ~ 350g/m2

Wrappee: 3 years old

Carries: DH with one ring and FWCC

When I think of the things, memories in particular I always like to make a story, a special one, special as a moment caught in a time. That’s is how can remember it and that is how I survive the reality when it gets less nicer and more real. Thats why I also want to create a stories from this beautiful test periods where I tried something new.

The First Frost came to us one beautiful Saturday where S and I spend one cozy afternoon with some other wrap enthusiastic moms. The day where I was stuck in a nice chats about everything and nothing and where we at the very end made a huge pile of handwoven wraps and just admired the beauty.

As it was Saturday and no many busses drove in our direction, I decided to walk with S back home. She is not much of being wrapped nowdays but a long walk home convince her to come up on my back. We had to much clothes and we chatted the first couple of minutes but then her head became heavy and I knew how it is going to end. And it made me happy: trying a new wrap and walking with my now big girl sleeping on my back made my day. There wasn’t a better way of testing First Frost.

It had a nice bounce and was easy to wrap with. Even though I am out of the practice it didn’t matter when doing a double hammock. It was very nice how the pleats sat on the shoulders and it didn’t move anywhere. Half way back home, I decided to stop and move her on my belly cause her head was dangling back there and I thought that it would be more cozy for her to rest on my chest. I made a sloppy FWCC but it actually worked out pretty well and we ended walking for a 5 km and at the end taking a short trip with a bus. Overall a 1,5 hour trip and it was really cozy and easy thanks to the Maria`s beautiful creation.

I really liked the natty colors and impacible snakeskin pattern. The blend made it feel cushy, thin and yet strong and soft.

The only think I didn’t like about it was that fringe were a tad to short cause I am all about more and longer fringes atm – something like never enough fringes. But any fringe is better than none so it made it look much more interesting and fun with them on.

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