Life on the island

For almost 6 months ago we choose to sell our house and built a new one. But that couldn’t be just simple as that.

You see we needed to move out by the 1stof April and our new home would be ready 26thof June. With very simple calculation you can predict that we need to be homeless in almost 3 months.

So we decided to take a chance and travel in a meantime.

We didn’t have much time to make a research and decide upon that but as we kept our 6 months baby on our mind, we needed some place that was fairly safe. We wanted a warm country with possibility to swim and relax and at the bottom line just be together.

So we ended booking a flight to Mauritius. And here we are now.


I want to write about leaving our home. The packing process and the emotional side of starting over and “loosing” a home, but I will wait with that for a moment. I want to start with sharing our first days on this island and the trip we took to get here.


So here we go.



We packed our car on the 1stof April and picked our girls 20 km from the place we lived. We took a fairy to the Copenhagen and stayed with our friends for 2 days. It was both practical and cosy but also strange and hard at the same time. The weather in Denmark was not so good and our hopes of getting to Mauritius were high.

We had our first flight on the 3rdof April from Copenhagen airport Kastrup at 18.30. First stop was Istambul with 3 hours time in between and then 10 hours flight to the Port Louise on Mauritius.  As it showed out we came to early to the airport and our flight was 30 minutes delayed – not so good match. But than again we had time to eat and look around and still find our gate in good time.

All was set to go. Girls were excited, I was tired and nervous how it will go with the baby. But it went perfectly. He slept almost all the time, being awake one out of 15 hours on the flights. And the girls did almost the same. Only downside of the whole travel was that Laila got motion sickness and throw up on the last hour of the last flight. But yet again we came on the time. It was sunny and warm day on Mauritius and we had too much cloths and to many bags on. Our taxi driver needed to fix one piece of luggage on the top of his car what was fine idea if there wasn’t a rain coming so by the time we made it to the apartment our son bag was soaked.


But at that point we travelled for 24 hours and we were glad to make it on the destination. We looked around and tried to feel us at home. But the house we rented for the first month on AirBnB isn’t a much of “homey” so we just accepted that other benefits of being here are enough.


And here they come. The climate on this island is nice. It is officialy wintertime and temperatures are between 26 and 31 degrees. Water is blue and clear and very, very clean and there is km of sandy beach. Neighbourhood is nice and secure and there are supermarket, shops and restaurants near by. The beach is 50 m away and the swimming pool is in the garden. There is plenty of space, prices are ok and everybody is extremely friendly and nice. We cannot not love it.


And here comes a BUT.


We moved out from our home that was our first real home we build and lived in. We left a hurricane of emotions and came here to live, to be together and just be. Nothing more. No great expectation, no plans, timetables, schedules and must and needs. Just us and time and place to be.

That is both nice and challenging in the same time.

Our kids are pretty small and our way of living normally is quite different. And here comes downside of it: we need to figure this out.

We are on the day 3 at this point. We had first 2 days with a lot of rain. Girls were swimming in the pool and then in the pods on the main road in our complex and they played with dirt and sand and corals. They have bloody knees and burned cheeks and they are stunged by various insects. They scream, cry and fight to often and we make each other totally insane from time to another.

Today was no difference. I am afraid that our neighbours are considering kicking us out.

But we try to except and live with it. Our son doesn’t sleep much in the day hours and our girls have different wishes and needs but we also have moments when everything makes sense and we stick to them eagerly.


More about Mauritius yet to come…

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  1. Loveee your adventure!!! I’m really happy to read your experiences and emotions about them ❤. Can’t wait to read something more


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