There are two strange tings on Mauritius…

Said my big girl tonight and continued: ”That it is warm when it is night and when it rains”.


Yes, for some it might be normal but for us coming from Denmark it is pretty strange and awesome in the same time.


We love climate here. It is start of a winter and temperatures are around 26-31 degrees. It is humid but not unbearable. It rains more than we would prefer but when it rains it is absolutely wonderful to be in the sea or just stand outside in the rain.


Water is (still) warm but as we heard not many locals agrees and not many swims in the wintertime here.
There are not many turists either but enough not to feel alone.


We are currently staying in Flic n Flac. It has nice vibe, shopping options and restaurants and coffee shops. The beach is long, white, sandy and beautiful and there are a lot of shades and places to hide from a strong sun. And the sun is strong, no doubt in that. My 4 Danes are a walking proof to that. So even in shadow and even when there is cloudy we still use high sun factor.


People here are very friendly, smiling and greeting all the time. Mauritius was Dutch, French and British colony so it is multilingual, multicultural and multireligious island and that can be felt everywhere.


During the week people are working and not many locals hang around on the local beaches. Every morning, when I go for a morning walk with my baby on my back, local cleaning squad is picking up garbage on the beach and around it. So it is (mostly) very clean and neat.


In the weekends they come to the beach with their tents and music blasters and barbeque, beer and food. They dance and eat and hang out until late night and there are people and music and smell and test in big varieties.


And watching a sun going down is a thing and it is beyond stunning.


We are getting set here. We had some rough days blend with some good ones and finally we are getting use to being together so much and so intense.

We are doing walks and talks, coloring many pages every day, we are home schooling and reading, listening to stories, we swim and doing snorkling, buying local food and making our own…

Sometimes I remember home and I miss the known but more and more I am getting use to this new.


To be continued…


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