What would you

do if you were given all the time in the world and nothing to do?


Would you be bored? Would you seek for some entertainment, for something to fill the hole? Would you feel…incomplete?


We have all the time in the world and do you know what we do?



No planning, no stress, no chores and musts, no rush and pressure.


We have this house we are staying in, no much luxury and yet enough to be.

We sleep and eat when we feel for it, we go to the local shop and buy the necessities and we take to the beach or a swim in a pool. But mostly we sit at home, we talk, we draw and colour and sometimes spend time online or on Ipads.

Kids are screaming and fighting but also getting along, finding friends that language they dont speak and yet they communicate and play and have fun.


We have all the time in the world and yet we dont manage to do much.


How so it is possible?


First of all it is sinking the expectations and letting us to be. It is so difficult when you are used to have so much and you are repeating the list of things like a pray every single day. But now there is nothing to pray for.


It is hard cause it is intensive to be so much time together and never alone. But it is nice to be for the kids everything they need.


What we did since we came it is not much but lets see.

We got sun burned and tan. We tried different food. We sent some postcards and did school stuff. We listen to the books and kids get ipads from time to other. We eat a lot of ice cream and sometimes we get a glass of wine or a beer.


Girls got stung by a wasp, ants, mosquitos and a sea urchin. The last one we would like to forget as it took 3 hours and many screams to get 5 spikes out of a 3 year old feet.


We met people and were social.


We cried and missed Denmark.


And we laugh a lot.

Our son turned six month and started on solids BLW style. He is messy but he has fun and enjoys his food a lot. He finally has some rhythm in his daytime so we can be us again and yet some days are not worth nothing but we don’t care most of the time.

Before I came here I wanted to surf, do yoga and read a lot.

I do nothing of above but I listen to the books in our bed when I need to put our soon for his naps.


We drove 2 times and we don’t find Mauritian drives the best ones. But the nature and the sea and climate are really something.

We spent a day in Blue Bay on southeast cost. The sea is turquoise and so warm and there is a plenty of shade. So when I finally manage to get baby A to sleep we played on the rocks and catched crabs and seek for seashells.

We had flood on the first floor the day we were planning the trip to the North but we did it few days afterwards. We ate most delicious local food in a small village north and we enjoyed local fruit from the lady at the beach.


When it rained we stood outside, being wet and not freeze. We do prefer sun though.


I cant explain how great this time of being here is. But I do have occasional crisis and I cant stand being here. Our kids are also needy and cranky and not always so cooperative. I miss myself and the bits of that life I left behind.

Do I regret it?


Absolutely not. But would I like a break here and there?


Hell yeah.

It is not all peachy but we are trying to stick to our motto: just be and enjoy it to the maximum.


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