Facing the Sun – Stargazer #1 wrap review

Facing the Sun Collection

Warp: hand painted Suvin cotton

Weft: Merino & bamboo (40/10)

Pattern: Sun Twill

Size 3 (3.29m) + fringed ends (0.15m in both ends), ~ 318g/m2


Wrappee: 2,5 year old, +13 kg and 5,5 year old. + 20 kg

Carries: A simple ruck, reinforces ruck with one ring


I find it a bit symbolic that this wrap showed up on my door at the end of babywearing days with my girls. I also find it symbolic that it showed in a same time when I was finally starting this blog. As the wraps and wrapping are big part of me and my life I couldn’t not include it in my writing adventure and as this blog found inspiration in my wrapping history I also wanted to dedicate one section for only the wrap part. Finally I find it very symbolic that the whole Kaisa`s collection is called Facing the Sun and that this very own piece of it was the one that brought me to Paradisae`s page. As I am finally to reveal my page, I feel kind of like I am facing my sun at this very moment.

And as I really do believe in symbolic in a life circle this is the perfect one to start with.

First of all I love the overall look of it. The shine in the sparkle treads is very subtile and yet very nice. It completes the rainbow pallet in it. It is like the sun shines through it. The fringe part is my favorite part of it cause it is fun and playful. The over all look is stunning and the wave is impacible.

The wrap feels thin, very thin, a bit dry but also with a bit of cush and fluffiness – not much, just a tad enough to give it a nice feeling. It also has perfect amount of drape and it is very easy to wrap with. It glides on its place, staying where it should with such ease.

The first day I carried both my girls in a simple ruck, tied uneven in knotless with one ring to show the beautiful fringe. I wont lie that they were weightless, cause they do have pretty amount of kilos, but it wasn’t painful or even hard. It felt wonderful on my pricky shoulders and I could easily dance and walk with both of them for some time. I even got some longer ups and walks with my younger girl and it holded as a king.

It is a really nice shorty for all occasions and sizes and I only wish we had more time and more kids to use it even more.

I am also super impressed with the blend and would never guess it had wool in it, but I need to admit that I am more and more fan of merino in woven wraps, or well in everything.

At the end, I am grateful I got this opportunity and looking forward to see what future gonna bring us. If you just like me would like to follow beautiful and poetic Paradisae`s work and stories, come and join us on Facebook chatter page Paradisae`s Stories: https://tinyurl.com/ybvkjxrn .

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