My thoughts about Mauritius

half way through


It is such an amazing place in so many ways. No it doesn’t have European charm and beautiful architecture, or well it is quite ugly comparing to that criteria and the streets are not a lot street alike as we know it but it has most beautiful nature and such a special vibe.

It is fairly small – you can get in every major city in an hour or so and you can probably drive through the whole island in a day.

It is very green and divers. It has numerous beautiful sandy beaches with the clearest blue water. It is wonderful for divers and snorkel lovers and there are places where surfers and kite surfers can spent a lot of hours.

As I wrote before people are mostly very friendly, smiling and greeting all the time but there are also people that will rip you for a pineapple (happened to us today, for a lousy 60 danish kronas = approximately 8 €).

Island is very clean and there is overall nice salty breeze everywhere you go. Food is extremely expensive and restaurants are so but there are many places where you can eat cheap.

When we were in Flic En Flac (on the west side of the island) we ate a lot in a fast food trunks that were everywhere. The food was maybe not so healthy but it was delicious. Those times when we drove for a sightseeing we seek hidden gems to enjoy a proper meal but we also cook at home most of the days so that includes shopping at the groceries shop very often. And supermarkets here are not very numerous and don’t really have as half as those we are use to but we can feel French influence when talking about chees and bread. The last one is probably the only cheap thing to eat/buy on a regular basis. Fruit is also expensive but so very delicious. We probably never tried a proper pineapple before because those we ate here aren’t anything likely to those bought in Europe and passion fruit is so big that it cant be hold with one hand same as avocado. Papayas are huge and sweet and at the moment there are both red and yellow ones that are in the season. Bananas are small but very tasty and everything else is imported at the moment, mostly from South Africa and New Zealand.

They are very tourist oriented and it feels. Taxi drivers and private drivers hunk whenever we walk around hoping we would like a pick up. But it is not the cheapest solution so we prefer to rent a car or take a bus. Though are bus drives like a wild drive on most crazy rollercoaster so if you don’t like seeing your life runing in front of your eyes, don’t take a ride. In general are drivers here really crazy and they have a lot of rules they follow so not knowing those can be tricky.

We meet people and talk and we dream sometimes of living here cause life here is easy at the moment. We found our rhythm and time flies by and stays still at the same time. We moved on the north side of the island and now live in super new, modern and spacious apartment. We have a maid that comes and cleans all days minus Sunday and we have a big terrace with a private plunged pool where girls spends most of the time. There is a bigger pool in the front yard that no one else uses and the whole building is closed and secured. We walk every day 1 km to the local bakery to buy croissants and baquetts for the breakfast and we have plans of doing breakfast on the beach in the next many days. The beach is just on the other side of the road and approximately 200 m away and it is most beautiful quite and private one we had. It suits us so perfectly.

We sit on the rare rocks and catch small crabs in the shallow water and then we observe them and let them free. We collect seashells and stare in the sand in a hope to find one or another hidden gem. Life is simple these days and just enough to get use to it.

Would I come back again – yes, most definitely. Would I recommend it to others to visit – most certainly. Would I live here – probably.

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