When time stands still

We spent 14 days in a very nice apartment in Perebeyre which in on the north side of the island.

It was modern and nice and only 10 minutes away from supermarket and a nice little beach. Girls were glad for our punch pool and the bigger one in the front yard. We could walk to the bakery every morning and get us fresh bread and croissants for the breakfast and busses to Grand Baie drove approximately every 10 minutes.

I was very convenient yet busy and noisy. We went to the beach fairly rarely and it was very inconvenient considering our baby A who also got sick in the middle of our stay so we were being extra conscious of being outside with him.

There on this little very private, but still public, beach hidden from the most of the common visitors I spotted a urge to live on the beach front. There were many beach villas and bungalows with there own direct access to the sea. While I was exploring and trying to find out what there was and how much it was worth it, I found https://www.bookmauritius-villas.com.

I contacted Bernard that together with his wife runs this agency and we got really nice dialog about options of renting a villa. My idea was staying in Perebyre just moving closer to the sea. Instead we took a chance and move to the east side.

I must admit that we feel very lucky but the luck is in the fact that it is a low season here and winter time means less people and more affordable prices so on Thursday we landed in this newly built villa house on the beach.

The property has 5 units and 4 of them are for rental. It is a family house with very spacious garden and access to the most wonderful private beach. You see there aren’t really private beaches on Mauritius but by building houses on the sea front side by side they actually made them private as nobody else but them that uses this residential can access them.

As this is a new rental we got it with 30% discount and as this is the period of the year when prices are lowest we got really nice deal. And we are alone, except the gardener that comes early in the morning and the maid who is here from 9 – 13.

It is in our opinion first class luxury and we couldn’t think of anything better.

The idea is to lock our self from everything and everyone and just be here. We have food enough for a whole month and our maid takes fresh bread to us every morning. We don’t have a car and there are no really many busses and the roads are not meant for walking so it is us, this house, garden, beach and the rocks on each end of the beach.

And here comes part how easy it is to shout for everything unnecessary and use time on most desirable ting: being.

We closed our telephones and we use time on each other instead. With baby waking me very early in the morning I have so much time to use each day. So now I drink my coffee on the beach with sand on my toes while raising sun welcomes us on the east. The only sound is waves hitting coral reef in the lagoon and the birds singing. In the night time there are crickets and nothing else.

The sky is full with the stars and the moon was full last two nights and it is still warm enough for us that we don’t feel it is winter.

We don’t want to leave.

To be able to go inside and grab what ever you need and just run to the sea when ever you urge. To stare in the sand and find every single small piece of a sea life or walk along the beach and admire sea stars and urchins. To go for a walk and disapere on the other side of the rock with your kids and first come back after couple of hours. To eat when being hungry, to drink when feel for water, to sit and stare in the night sky in hours or stillness of the water in front of your feet.

What else do we need?

Time just shout out and everything is so perfectly still. Nor to little or to much.

Just perfect.

At this moment and we treasure it.

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