Why Mauritius?

We have been on this island almost for 2 months. We have a week before we need to leave so more of my reflections are coming now.

When we needed to choose a travel destination for our 3 month long trip we had maximum 3 months to do so. With a birth, new baby, a new house project that was maybe in reality just a month of intensive thinking.

We could have just spin the globe and point the finger – almost that random our decision was. We didn’t know almost anything about Mauritius except that my husband had a colleague that once lived on Mauritius and talked warmly about it.

We didn’t have much time to do more research but our most important parameters were no dangerous animals and no many tropical sicknesses plus a nice warm weather and sea worth swimming in.

Mauritius had it all and more. We learned that our decision was the right one.


Our baby A was 6 month old when we came here and our girls are very curious and love to explore so yes, feeling safe to let them go around and explore is a wonderful thing and even more not to go around and be afraid that they will get sick.


Mauritius climate is wonderful, warm and pleasant without high humidity (in this part of the year).

There are so many sandy beaches and water is warm and there are plenty of opportunities to dive or just snorkel.


Mauritius is protected by the coral lagoon that makes most of the island secure from the big waves from the open sea. That makes it perfect for the kids.


Mauritius gave us plenty of sun, relaxation and fun. We used these 2 months on everything and nothing and we managed to find a balance in being and spending all the time being together.

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