After a silence

I took a break from my blog even when all of ideas in my head were about to explode. 

I feel and think and write words inside of my head even when I sleep and I have so many of them that comes and goes in all my languages. They mix and bonds and sets inside of my body, firmly anchored to my soul.

I have been quite cause I took a step back and entered in my personal room of transformation. 

It meant couple of things.

The first one was our process of moving to the new address and finding our new rhythm in the middle of world crisis.

Then I reached out and found a therapist that resonated with my heart desires and I took on life long road of personal change, process and healing.

I am settling in my own body, giving my inner child much needed compassion, love and understanding.

I bounce between my doubtful self and the super powerful one that never doubts.

I needed time and personal space to clame what is mine and what really matters in this life.

I took step back holding onto myself while I in the same time also hold onto my children.

That gave us a flow and inner peace to just be (my life motto).

And then when things started to unfold and find its place in me, in us, we decided to make some renovations and moved in the summer house for a week.

When the carpenter removed our floors it toured out that there was a massive mold, water under the floors and one thing took another.

In the middle of our break we found us handling house issues and having no time for reflections, deep meaningful moments of peace and comfort. 


We managed to claim them anyway.

One week turned being 3 weeks and here we are.

Someone would say it is our own fault and that we have noting to complain about.

But we don’t complain.

Yet again we take this chance and make it to our own advantage.

This life is not worth fighting but it is so worth living.

And we do that.

This week hit me the feeling of finally unfolding all benefits of deschooling and togetherness.

And in my new claimed power I open a door to getting back to writing this blog.

Soon it is getting a new category that will have our slow living and unschooling as the primary focus – something I feel my heart desires to dive deeper in.

Stay tuned if anything if this resonates with your own heart desires.

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