About Wrap Nap

I had an idea of writing, capturing dreams and living them truly and fully. I was writing ever since I can remember but my dreams and ideas about it never got fully realized. Then I got this idea about starting a blog. I was thinking and rethinking and considering and not doing anything about it. After all I somehow found my inspiration again and from there the wrap nap was born.

The wrap nap is the moment I am living right now as being a mom, a parent and a guide, being active in the wrapping and breastfeeding community but also being passionate about the tings I love and showing it to the others. The wrap nap is an idea of a secret and a sacred place we all should posses in our lives. It is the place where you feel safe and relaxed and you trust yourself and to the others. It is the image I have when I look at my baby girl sleeping peacefully on my chest in one of our loved wraps.

It’s about the moment, the feeling, it is about now and moving on, transforming yourself and your life into something else. It is a transition – one and many yet to come.

Its about learning, discovering, enjoying, loving, about motherhood, children, interesting tings, combining work, pleasure, free time and hobbies, travelling, being an immigrant in a new land and a stranger in the one you are coming from, it is about its and bits in our everyday and those that make everything better and easier.

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