Recently I took on a short holidays with my older daughter to visit my family and friends. I haven’t been in my home country last two years and many people I care I haven’t seen just as long. The question I often got almost on every corner from people knowing where I live was: “Are…

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A women. A partner. A mother and a friend. Expat. Stranger in my own, conventional in the unfamiliar. Always in search for the new things. Never stopping to change. To be inspired, moved, touched. Undeniable romantic and internal dreamer. Hedonist. Life lover. Believer.


I had an idea of writing, capturing dreams and living them truly and fully. I was writing ever since I can remember but my dreams and ideas about it never got fully realized. Then I got this idea about starting a blog. I was thinking and rethinking and considering and not doing anything about it.…

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Facing the Sun Collection Warp: hand painted Suvin cotton Weft: Merino & bamboo (40/10) Pattern: Sun Twill Size 3 (3.29m) + fringed ends (0.15m in both ends), ~ 318g/m2   Wrappee: 2,5 year old, +13 kg and 5,5 year old. + 20 kg Carries: A simple ruck, reinforces ruck with one ring   I find…

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